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Win and Lose Tracks [+5.00€]

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This pack is a combination of starkly contrasting musical elements that create a slightly retro vibe. Although designed for the arcade genre, the music would fit platformer, adventure, RPG, Sci-fi, or action games.
The layers are designed to sound good on their own or in combination with any other layer(s). Layer 1 has some glitchy, unorthodox percussion with a driving rhythmic pad. Layer 2 consists of a very heroic melody played by the French horn with string accompaniment. Layer 3 contains a kick drum, sub-bass, and metallic atmospheric elements.
This looping “Win” track would be great for a win screen where players collect the spoils and experience points. The “Lose” track is dark and tense and would be great for a “game over” screen.
Peter Roberts