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About Us

Blips was designed from its inception to solve the problems of indie video game developers when it comes to soundtracks. How do we do that? By making sure we offer tailored quality music that can virtually fit any game, and by providing game developers the best customer experience, like the ability to preview all the content before buying, the possibility to directly download in the desired audio format, and a license that is as simple and permissive as it gets. We want you to be able to quickly find and download the best soundtrack for your games, so we can get out of your way to let you achieve your most ambitious creations.

Blips is a project created by video game composers and we knew that until now the options available for indie game developers were limited. The main scenarios were: they could either pay for the work of a composer, which is the best option indeed, but not a possibility for every small studio/independent developer working with tight budgets, or they could obtain music in general music marketplaces where the focus is definitely not games, which doesn’t really solve the problem.

Video games are not linear media, and other music outlets don’t take this into consideration. Every game reacts in some way to the player’s input. This is perfectly understandable and doesn’t need much explanation. We know that when we are in control of a game the visuals change according to our actions but wouldn't it be best if the audio/music did as well? We provide just that, “Adaptive music”, this means that the music can also change based on defined criteria by the developer/game designer. That change can be made for example to add or lower intensity on key moments and contribute for an enhanced player experience.

Besides adaptive soundtracks all our music is created with games in mind, it is neatly categorized in packs that consist of one to three tracks and every track in a pack is made to fit the same game. We also provide optional cues for win/lose, success/failure states and our tracks are made to be loopable, one of the most important aspects of video game music.

With all these advantages and features we are sure developers will find Blips to be the definitive marketplace for their video game music needs.

Who are we?

Márcio Araújo

(Jack Type)


Video game music composer & sound designer

Stefan Silva


Video game music composer

Plus more than a dozen of hand picked experienced video game composers to provide you with the best music.

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