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About Us is the leading choice for professional video game music. At, we understand the fundamental importance that music holds in games. Our purpose is to offer innovative, high-quality, and affordable soundtracks that enhance game experiences and create a genuine connection with players.

Who We Are is a team of highly skilled audio professionals, including musicians, composers, and sound designers, who are passionate about both music and video games.

Our career training, skills, and industry experience have given us a deep understanding of this medium and its unique requirements.

We recognize the significance and intricacies of game music, which are quite distinct from other forms of media.

This expertise allows us to create more than just high-quality music for games; it enables us to craft complete auditory experiences that set the desired atmosphere, enhance storytelling, evoke emotions, and elevate gameplay.

Our History

In 2020, two friends, both video game music composers and passionate game jam enthusiasts, joined forces with a shared idea.

Our vision was to create a music platform tailor-made for video games, addressing the clear absence of a comprehensive solution for music licensing in this field within the online space.

Recognizing the need for a platform that focused on both the developer experience and the unique requirements of the medium, we set out to build

Our focus was twofold: first, to provide game developers with a high-quality catalog that was easily discoverable and instantly previewable. Second, we aimed to cater to the specific needs of game music, including adaptive soundtracks, seamless loops, aesthetically cohesive compositions, short feedback cues or stingers, appropriate file formats, and more.

Affordability was a central consideration throughout this process. Our aim was to make professional soundtracks accessible to everyone, not just large studios with substantial budgets, but also to smaller development teams and solo developers. Our original vision became a reality with the successful launch of in 2022.

Our Goals

We firmly believe that the power of music goes way beyond filling the sound spectrum. It is an indispensable component of storytelling, capable of evoking emotions, and enhancing player immersion.

At, our ultimate goal is to provide developers with the soundtracks that breathe life into their games, turning them into the deep interactive experiences that players love and keep coming back to.

Additionally, we are committed to consistently improving our offerings.

This involves maintaining a focus on delivering top-quality content, solving the challenges of professional game music implementation, and continuosly improve the developer experience.

Our vision is to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of music in games, upholding our claim as the ultimate platform for video game music.

Meet The Leadership

Picture thumbnail of the founder

Márcio Araújo

Video game music composer & technical sound designer
Picture thumbnail of the founder

Stefan Silva

Video game music composer

Our Location
S/N Gondoriz AVV
4970-176 Arcos de Valdevez

Contact Us

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