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The Ultimate Platform For Video Game Music

Blips provides a full suite of advantages for achieving truly professional video game soundtracks.

Built for Games

The best soundtracks for games. No generic stock music.

Adaptive Music

Music that adapts to gameplay events. AAA style.


Affordable for all game developers. For teams & individuals.

Adaptive Music

Fully immersive experiences. Now within reach of every developer.

Enhanced Gameplay

Adaptive music transforms projects into deeply engaging experiences. Game worlds change in response to player's actions, and so should the music.

Emotional Impact

Adaptive music maximizes emotional impact by addressing game states (e.g., Exploration, Tension, Combat), signaling progression, emphasizing the narrative, and more.

Professional Soundtracks

Blips packs are built to allow the use of two popular adaptive music techniques for professional and original soundtracks. These techniques are used by countless top tier games.

Adaptive Music Techniques

Layer 1
Layer 2
Layer 3
Layer 1
Layer 2
Layer 3
Layer 1
Layer 2
Layer 3
Layer 1
Layer 2
Layer 3
Layer 1
Layer 2
Layer 3

Vertical Layers

(Vertical re-orchestration)

With the vertical layers technique you can smoothly add or remove individual layers to increase or decrease a track's musical complexity.

Horizontal Sequencing

(Horizontal re-sequencing)

With horizontal sequencing, you can transition to different yet musically related tracks designed to seamlessly fit within the same game scene or world.

Want to learn more about the use of adaptive music in video games? Check out this article:

Adaptive music in video games: What it is and how it works

Music Packs

Professional, creative, and exciting music packs built for gameplay.

Made For Sections Or Entire Games

Each pack has its own musical aesthetic with tracks that can be used for sections or whole games.

Besides the multi-layered tracks, every pack features optional win/lose cues that can be used for win/lose game states, good/bad endings and other events where a small track is needed to provide positive/negative feedback.

A Platform Designed For Games & Developers

We aim for both high-quality music and a great developer experience.

Quick Search

Browse by game genre, music genre and even musical instruments.

Audio Preview

Previewable catalog. No guessing involved when selecting a soundtrack.

Perfect loops

Perfectly looping tracks tailored for gameplay use.

No Conversions

Directly download in the desired audio format: MP3, OGG or WAV.


High-quality music provided by select professional game music producers.

Simple License

No tiers. No hidden fees. No copyright strikes. 100% royalty-free music.


Affordable quality music for creators. For teams & individuals.

Fictional 3D box representation of a Blips pack S

Pack S

  • 1 Track
  • 3 Layers
  • 7 Possible layer combinations (PLC)
  • Optional win/lose tracks
Fictional 3D box representation of a Blips pack M

Pack M

  • 2 Tracks
  • 4 Layers (per track)
  • 30 Possible layer combinations (PLC)
  • Optional win/lose tracks
Fictional 3D box representation of a Blips pack L

Pack L

  • 3 Tracks
  • 5 Layers (per track)
  • 93 Possible layer combinations (PLC)
  • Optional win/lose tracks
Fictional 3D box representation of all Blips packs



Select packs are available for free in each game category!

Frequently asked questions

In which ways can I use Blips packs?

Blips tracks are songs meticulously crafted in multiple individual layers (vertical layers). These layers are built to sound good on their own or in combination with others.

Use tracks and layers for game states, for switching between different game locations, for added intensity in key moments, to signal player's progression, for added musical variety (due to the possible layer combinations), and so on...

We provide some suggestions for how tracks and layers could be used in pack descriptions. However, you are free to use them in whatever way you see fit, according to your project's needs.

How do I make them work?

To take advantage of layer stacking, a programmer must implement the necessary logic. Each layer is synchronized and designed to loop seamlessly with the other layers, making it a straightforward process to combine audio sources as needed.

Middleware tools like FMOD, Wwise, and CRIWARE ADX2 can be used to simplify this kind of work. Below every pack's description, you'll find guides that make it easy for you to implement our adaptive packs on both game engines and audio middleware.

Is music exclusive?

Our collection of music for video games is exclusive in a sense that you won't find it elsewhere. However, our licenses are not exclusive to any specific game project.

Is only for video games?

Although we designed to be the ultimate platform of stock music for games, our video game music scores can be used in a variety of other projects including video intros, presentations, trailers and ads.

Track layers can be used directly as standalone tracks or they can be combined into a single audio file. Additionally, because our tracks seamlessly loop, they can also serve as impactful background music for longer videos.

Which downloadable audio format should I choose?

We provide three popular game audio formats: MP3, OGG, and WAV. MP3 and OGG are compressed file formats and are best suited for games where the final bundle size is important. We recommend the use of OGG whenever possible as the use of MP3 can eventually prevent seamless loops.

WAV is the highest quality file format we provide in 44.1KHz, 16 Bit (CD quality sound). This format is uncompressed which results in larger file sizes. Although unlikely to be needed WAV should also be used for conversion to additional file formats.

If you want to learn more about how to choose audio file formats for background music and sound effects make sure to check out this article: Game audio files: A quick developer’s guide.

How does the licensing work?

Our license is short, simple and as permissive as it gets. There are no different license tiers, no hidden fees and no royalties. Visit our license page for the complete licensing terms.

Still have questions? We're here to help!