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Specifically made for video games

Video game music is different from music for other kinds of media and requires special considerations, that’s why all our music catalog is made by experienced video game composers that provide the best content. Blips provides quality music while being budget friendly for indie game developers.

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For each game’s scope

Three Differently Sized Music Packs to match various game scopes, and with our packs M and L there’s no need to waste your time finding more music that works well together: Tracks in our packs are related and made to fit the same game.

Pack Sizes

Adaptive/Reactive Music

Our music is based on tracks and layers which allows developers to create dynamic and immersive experiences by setting triggers to in-game events that change layer combinations. Additionally you can listen to all of the layer combinations and get a sense for how it's going to work in your game by using our multi-layer music player. Try before you buy!

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Quickly find what you need

Our music is distributed by game genres, so you can quickly find music that matches your game. Thinking outside of the box? You can browse our catalog by music genre and even musical instruments.

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All the Goodies

Perfectly looping music. Related Win/Lose tracks to provide happy/sad feedback for games that need it. Multiple download formats compatible with your project and game engine, from MP3 to full quality uncompressed WAV. The most simple and permissive music license.

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