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Viby Platformer

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Win and Lose Tracks [+5.00€]

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This pack has two tracks that can represent different player states and it would suit well a futuristic game, however, it would also work really well in action/adventure games or in a more casually oriented gameplay.
The track “Lo-fi Dreams” could represent a character “vibing”, with a peaceful and curious mindset. It would be great either as a character or location theme.
The track “Awakening Tension” could represent the character in a combat or distress situation. The musical tempo is the same for both tracks, so they could be used for the same area or level.
Each track has four layers and both of them follow this layer structure: Layer one is the drums and bass which provide a lot of rhythm and groove. Layer two has the main melody that could be faded in and out depending on location or player states such as health or air. Layer three has the harmonic elements which provide a musical soundscape. Layer four is a sound design layer that provides little bits of sound to give any location or fight added ambience.
The "Win" and "Lose" tracks are stingers made for success/failure states and are tempo matched to the two main tracks for a very musical transition.
Peter Roberts