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Urban Assault

Adaptive Music Player

The menu contains the pack tracks and the optional win/lose tracks.

The play buttons control the selected track layers to increase or decrease musical complexity. This behaviour can be emulated by the game logic, allowing for adaptive soundtracks.

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Win and Lose Tracks [FREE]
Other options

An energetic music pack ready for games with some intense action. It was designed to be the perfect fit for action games featuring urban settings, but it can also work well with any game needing a boost from a high-energy soundtrack.
The pack’s track was built with a progression in mind from low to high intensity. The first layer contains the softer synthetic elements, from effects to melodies, and it can be a great option as the starting point. The second layer adds beats and the bassline. The third layer wraps the track bringing the final build in energy and features melodies, bass, and drums.
Although the track follows an intensity progression the layers can be also used by themselves or in any combination.
The “Win” track was designed to be used when wining the game or clearing levels.
The “Lose” track was created to represent a failure state.

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