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The Gentleman

Adaptive Music Player

The menu contains the pack tracks and the optional win/lose tracks.

The play buttons control the selected track layers to increase or decrease musical complexity. This behaviour can be emulated by the game logic, allowing for adaptive soundtracks.

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Win and Lose Tracks [FREE]
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This pack was designed with fantasy games in mind. It has a slightly spooky and mysterious vibe, but the music is still very beautiful. It would fit well in RPG, open world, adventure, Metroidvania, strategy, or simulation style games.
The layers are all meant to be used on their own or in combination with any other layer/layers. The exception is that layer 4 on both tracks add something due to a player state. For example, when a player begins riding a horse or enters a busier/more intense area of a level.
When I composed this pack I though of Track 1 as day and Track 2 as night, but they can be used however you desire. The “Win” track would be a great item/treasure stinger or an end of level stinger. The “Lose” track is meant for a “game over”/failure stinger.

Peter Roberts

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