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Rising Tension

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Win and Lose Tracks [+5.00€]

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This pack focuses on creating more and more tension as layers are added. I created it for horror or psychological thriller games, but would work well in an intense action, Metroidvania, shooter, or mystery game as well.
Layer 1 has some creepy/unsettling synth textures, that serves as the foundation of the track. Layer 2 has distorted drums and strings to add to the tension and/or introduce a new player state like combat or escape. Layer 3 has a rhythmic bass drone, high percussion, and distorted overblown flute noises. This again adds more tension, signifies another player state, or an increased intensity of that player state, such as near death, more enemies in combat or a greater danger/difficulty in escaping. Layer 2 and 3 can be used interchangeably. Layer 1 was designed to always play, but Layer 3 can come before Layer 2 if desired.
The "Win" and "Lose" tracks are a great addition when presenting these game states to the player.
Peter Roberts