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Adaptive Music Player

The menu contains the pack tracks and the optional win/lose tracks.

The play buttons control the selected track layers to increase or decrease musical complexity. This behaviour can be emulated by the game logic, allowing for adaptive soundtracks.

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Win and Lose Tracks [+¥844.80]
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This pack is suited for a darker or slightly more surreal atmosphere. It would definitely suit a mysterious game, but would also fit well with adventure, RPG, open world, strategy, sci-fi or shooter type game.
The layers for each track are meant to sound good on their own or in combination with any of the other layer/layers. This gives you as the developer flexibility to design a more varied atmosphere based on player states or locations.
Track 1 was designed for exploration/traveling states while Track 2 was designed for danger/combat states.
The “Win” track would be good for leveling up, level complete, or acquiring items/treasure stringers. The “Lose” track would be good for loss of life or “game over” scenarios.

Peter Roberts

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