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Planet Tower Defense

Adaptive Music Player

The menu contains the pack tracks and the optional win/lose tracks.

The play buttons control the selected track layers to increase or decrease musical complexity. This behaviour can be emulated by the game logic, allowing for adaptive soundtracks.

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Win and Lose Tracks [+¥826.15]
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This pack started at a local game jam, and the target was a 3D exploration/tower defense game.
During the day players explore a planet and mine for materials. After the sun goes down, they have to defend their outpost.
Although it was initially created for a sci-fi game, the tracks could easily fit in a metroidvania, action, mystery, or even RPG game.
The first track, "Planetary Exploration", has four layers designed to be played together, however, you can reduce the number of layers playing in order to have a sparser track. You can even make it adapt to the environment by fading layers in and out depending on where you are or what is present! Controlling the volume of each individual layer is also a possibility.
The second track "Outpost Defense", was designed to be adaptive in a battle scenario. Layer 1 could be always playing. Layer 2 can come in to play when enemies are present. When an enemy shows up or another wave is incoming, Layer 3 can be activated to add more intensity. Layer 4 was designed as a low health warning.
The looping “Win” track would be great for a win screen where players collect the spoils and experience points. The “Lose” track is a good death stinger or game over screen sound.
Peter Roberts

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