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Pixel Chase

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Win and Lose Tracks [+5.00€]

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This pack was made with the golden era of NES and SNES classics in mind and will work perfectly in any modern pixel art or minimalistic game reminiscent of those days.
With sounds generated out of original old console hardware, I imagined a somewhat ominous atmosphere in a dark fantasy game, sci-fi, or horror side scrolling/platformer.
This pack would work well when being chased through a level, possibly by a Boss and also within racing scenes on futuristic tracks or through space. Could also pair well with exploration or an escape under pressure due to a time limit.
All layers can be combined or used separately. The highest intensity is achieved when all three come together.
Layer three has the most ominous and mysterious atmosphere, layer one brings a lot more pacing and drama with small orchestral hits and the main drum beat, and layer 2 really introduces a sense of action and urgency with a pushing bass line and a sustaining high synth.
The "Win" and "Lose" tracks are created with the same esthetic vision in mind. Perfect for showing the stats at the end of a level and comparing against the objective or goals given in-game.
Merlin Gyoery | Cloudjumper