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Generative Machines

Adaptive Music Player

The menu contains the pack tracks and the optional win/lose tracks.

The play buttons control the selected track layers to increase or decrease musical complexity. This behaviour can be emulated by the game logic, allowing for adaptive soundtracks.

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Win and Lose Tracks [+¥844.80]
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This pack has a steady, driving, rather mechanical rhythm to it. I created it for futuristic Sci-fi games. It would also work well in Metroidvania, adventure, fantasy games with futuristic elements, or first person shooters.
The layers are constructed to sound good on their own or in combination with any other layer(s). Layer 1 has rhythmic chord patterns that were created to sound slightly random and unpredictable, so the loop is not as obvious. This layer also has an arpeggio with a slightly less extreme variation of the same random effect. Layer 2 contains the bass and percussion elements. The percussion is a short loop while the bass has the same randomness to give the loop a less obvious beginning and end. Layer 3 contains stuttering strings and electric guitar to add even more drive and intensity to the overall rhythm.
The “Win” track is a stinger for a level clear or other successful event. The “Lose” track is meant to be a failure stinger that encourages the player to try again.
Peter Roberts

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