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Win and Lose Tracks [+5.00€]

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This pack has a chunky, driving beat with lots of bass, and distorted elements. Even with all of this weight, it moves forward steadily and easily. I envisioned it for Sci-fi games, but it would be a welcome track in an adventure, futuristic RPG, platformer, action, puzzle, arcade, or shooter style games.
The layers are designed to sound good on their own or in combination with any other layer(s). Layer 1 has the often distorted melodic elements. Layer 2 has a lot of the harmony and sound design elements that support the atmosphere. Layer 3 has the driving drums and bass that get the heart pounding!
The “Win” track loops and would be great for a win screen where players collect the spoils and/or experience points.
The “Lose” track would be good for a danger or “game over” stinger.
Peter Roberts