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What is Blips?

Blips is a music marketplace made specifically for the needs of game developers while also being a great resource for other types of media. With Blips you'll find the best musical content for your games and keep on budget.

Why Blips?

Video Game music has many unique challenges that other music outlets just don’t address. Blips exists to tackle those needs in different ways. Besides all our music is made by experienced video game composers. Below is a list of our main features:

Quick Search

Our music is made from the start with a video game in mind, then it's named, categorized, and tagged properly to match the envisioned game. This allows you to find the best soundtrack for your game quickly and easily.

Respecting the loop

All our music is made to loop perfectly, one of the most important aspects of video game music.

Adaptive music

Our music is based on tracks and layers (also called vertical layers) which allows you to create dynamic and immersive experiences by setting triggers to in-game events that change layer combinations. Layers can also be a way to achieve musical variety.

For games of different lenghts

Three differently sized music packs to match games of varying scopes. Our biggest pack (Pack L) has a whooping 93 possible layer combinations!

Musical cohesion

You don't need to waste time trying to find tracks that work well together if more than one is needed, each track in our packs M or L is related and made to fit the same game.

Live preview

We don't just say that layers can be combined in any way and leave you wondering how it may sound, you can listen to all the combinations directly in our music player.

Additional Cues

We provide with each pack two additional small cues that can be used for win/lose, good/bad endings, and other use cases where a small track is needed to provide positive/negative feedback.


In contrast with other music marketplaces, our music goes thru an approval process. We select and work with the best video game music composers, and we also review each new release, as such our music is of the highest quality while still being budget friendly.

File formats

Packs sold are provided in three different audio formats: Uncompressed WAV, OGG, and MP3, which are compatible with most game engines and audio middleware. You can also download just the format you need.


As simple as it can get. Music packs bought from us can be used in any free or commercial project, no license tiers, no royalties and no hidden costs.

Isn't it better to hire a video game composer?

Yes, it is always the best option. A good video game composer will be able to create the most perfectly tailored user experience, the game will be scored to convey the correct emotions at any given moment, while also fitting the place and unique aesthetics of the game, but although it’s the best option and the one that we recommend, It may not be possible for small or budget tight projects and that’s where we come in, we provide the second best option for this kind of projects.

Won't other games sound the same as my own?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to solve that problem by buying marketplace music, having a completely unique sounding game means you will need to hire composers and sound designers to do original work for you. But regarding this point Blips is still the better choice compared to other music marketplaces. Besides all the advantages covered in the “Why Blips” topic, our music is exclusive which means that you won’t find our music elsewhere. Also because we provide music using the innovative layer system, each customer's game will implement the music in a different way meaning that there is less probability that your game will sound the same as any other, making for great quality and original soundtracks while still on a budget! We will also be regularly adding fresh new music to our catalog.

How to implement Blips multi-layered tracks?

Each layer can be used by itself as a standalone track. To take advantage of the layer stacking a programmer must implement the logic to do so. Each layer is synced and made to loop seamlessly with the other track layers, so it’s just a matter of combining audio sources as needed. Tools like FMOD, Wwise, CRIWARE ADX2, etc. can also be used to simplify this kind of work. Below every music pack's description, you’ll find guides that make it easy for you to implement our adaptive music packs on both game engines and audio middleware. We also have a fully featured FMOD template available for free here: FMOD Template

Which downloadable audio format should I choose?

We provide three popular game audio formats: MP3, OGG, and WAV. MP3 and OGG are compressed file formats and are best suited for games where the final file size is important. We recommend the use of OGG whenever possible as the use of MP3 can possibly prevent a seamless loop. WAV is the highest quality file format, it is uncompressed and as such file sizes are bigger. WAV should also be used if there is a need to convert to another file format outside of these 3, although it is unlikely to be needed.

Is only for video games?

Although we created Blips to answer the needs of video game developers, our music layers can be used as standalone tracks and as such this makes for a great affordable choice for other media content like video Intros, presentations, trailers and ads. You can choose the layer that best fits a particular video, or you can use the layers as an affordable way to provide original music for multiple videos. Plus if the videos are longer than the track length the track will seamlessly loop.

Will I be able to buy these music packs or the individual layers elsewhere?

No. Our music is exclusive and you won’t find it for sale in any other music marketplace.

How does the licensing work?

Please visit our music license page for the music licensing terms.

Have a question that’s not covered in our FAQ? Please Contact Us.